Bird Management

Bird ManagementMistakes in the choice of bird control measures can lead to embarrassing and expensive failures. Pestex Services remove avoidable costs through professional and humane bird control solutions. As pest professionals, we understand bird behaviour, so we can quickly identify locations around your premises where bird activity is most likely to occur, and the potential consequences.

We provide bespoke solutions to prevent and control bird-related risks, focused on the areas of buildings more likely to be affected by the pressure of bird activity:

• Heavy pressure areas where birds will nest or roost
• Medium pressure areas where birds perch by day
• Light pressure areas occasionally visited by birds

Pestex Services provide the full range of effective bird control and proofing services to help keep your premises clean, safe and compliant with health and safety regulations.

Our approach is always about prevention first - and we have a range of effective measures and systems to prevent birds from creating issues, avoiding costs for your business. These include:

• Bird Netting systems, including flame retardant net to BS5438
• Sprung Wire systems
• Point / Spike systems
• Electric Bird Deterrent systems

The most effective and permanent methods of control involve structural modifications that either physically exclude the birds from the preferred surface or make it difficult for the birds to rest comfortably on the exposed building surfaces.

Pestex Services use specialist technicians to evaluate the problem and provide the appropriate solution. We have wide-ranging experience, from the smallest window ledge and fire escape, through to large dispatch canopies and building facades. We use IPAF-trained technicians and specialist abseilers where installation work is more challenging. Disposing of bird wasteAny bird droppings (faeces), nesting material or other matter that might be contaminated should be removed from work area and must be disposed of and the area decontaminated properly.

Requirements established by local authorities for the removal, transportation, and disposal of contaminated waste should be followed.

Pestex Services are licenced by the Environment Agency as waste carriers and can clear away and dispose of bird waste effectively. The area is then treated with an avian disinfectant to remove any microbial activity, and with a suitable insecticide to control any insects or mites that might have been present in the material.