Rodent Control

Rodent ControlRats and mice are the most common pests in the UK. They invade your premises looking for food, water and shelter, and can pose a serious health risk, contaminating, soiling and destroying commodities & packaging, damaging equipment, buildings and spreading pathogens.

Because they often live and travel through rubbish, sewers and other unsanitary areas, rodents can spread bacteria and illnesses such as Salmonellosis, E. coli food poisoning and Dysentery.

Their history of spreading disease frightens both householders and customers. A single rodent sighting can easily drive customers away and result in inspection and prosecution that will certainly impact your business. Rodents will destroy valuable stock and possessions, consume and spoil food, and their gnawing and burrowing cause costly structural damage.

Pestex Services use a proactive approach, employing interior and exterior defence systems as necessary that will eliminate rodents effectively.

We work in partnership with you to identify any hygiene issues that may cause problems. We will also identify possible entry points and uses a range of techniques to prevent re-entry.

For commercial and industrial customers, regular inspections and monitoring will ensure that even the occasional 'visitor' is controlled. All methods are performed in a responsible and professional manner to achieve the desired result and ultimately minimise risks to your business.