Protect Against Flies, Wasps and Bees

Getting Rid of Flies, Wasps and Bees

The hot weather is here and wasps and bees are everywhere (or so it seems!). Don’t be stung by poor service – we offer 100% control and FREE re-treatment if the infestation persists. Flying insects can, at the very least, be a nuisance and often pose a threat to human health. Many insect species have particularly unsavoury habits and may bite or sting and therefore represent a serious risk. Pestex Services provide the full range of flying insect control services to help keep your home or premises clean and safe for people, and compliant with health and safety regulations.
Spend time now to secure your property against flying insects: the simplest way to keep flying insects from causing problems is by using screens and plastic strip curtain doors – stopping these pests from entering through open windows and other access points. Fly Control units can be installed to attract, kill and contain flying insects, and Pestex supply and maintain a wide range of high-specification, electric high-voltage ‘zappers’ and adhesive ‘sticky board’ fly control units. These can be free standing, wall mounted or ceiling suspended.
Give us a call today to find out how we can help you prepare for and eliminate flying pests!