Grounds Maintenance and Fumigation

Grounds Maintenance

Winter is a great time to have your outside areas cleaned and tidied and made ready for a sunny 2020! Our landscape groundwork varies from site to site, and our capabilities extend to all areas of grounds maintenance – our portfolio ranges from residential housing and country estates through to high street and commercial premises, schools, churches and cemeteries. We are skilled in property remediation, and can tackle tough problems such as Japanese Knotweed and Himalayan Balsam control, woodworm and timber boring beetle treatments, textile pest infestations and specialist cleaning work.

Pestex Services also has access to fully trained and highly skilled arborists to provide a tree surgery service undertaking all aspects of tree work including Felling, Reductions & Reshaping, Cable Bracing and Precision dismantling, Hedge Trimming, Stump Grinding and Fruit Tree Pruning.

Professional Fumigation

In many cases, domestic, commercial and industrial locations need additional specialist cleaning services. Where necessary, we can use powerful, wide spectrum multi-purpose sanitising sprays to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, mould and mildew.

Our fumigation services can be carried out at any time – given that our technicians have clear access to the site – offering convenience to your business. For example, infestations in grain and bulk commodities, including cocoa, rice, tobacco, nuts and animal feed can seriously damage the quality and value of a product. Materials in containers being imported or exported can be covered by effective shipping and cargo fumigation treatments. Getting these infestations sorted as soon as possible is both cost effective and necessary.

We also offer silo and pre-harvest cleaning and sanitation, and a range of insect monitoring, inspection and quality control services:

  • Supply of pitfall traps, floor traps and probe traps to monitor activity in stored commodities.
  • On-site pest and hygiene audits by qualified biologists
  • Comprehensive reporting and clearance certificates

Whatever maintenance your property needs, fill out our contact form and we’ll ensure the right service is selected for you.